Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

The EDM Process

At Aero Manufacturing we use a process known as Sinker Electrical Discharge Machining. First discovered in the early 1940s, this method is frequently used in tool and die applications to create intricate shapes and challenging parts.

EDM processes present several advantages for custom metal fabrication. When details and precision matter, the EDM provides very precise cuts with tolerances as low as +/- .0005. Additionally, complex shapes and configurations and very delicate, small, or fragile parts are easier to achieve with EDM than traditional machining.

Occasionally, projects require exotic or specialized materials. EDM processes are recommended for cutting extremely hard materials to create precision components. On a single cutting axis, Aero Manufacturing’s sinker EDM works with a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Alloy Steels
  • Cobalt
  • Nickel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Inconel
  • Superalloys

EDM also produces a final product without burrs which requires little to no polishing, reducing post-production steps and saving time.

A Trusted Partner

With more than four decades in fabrication and machining experience, Aero Manufacturing is one of the most respected machining businesses in the Northeastern United States today. Located in Beverly, Massachusetts, Aero employs more than 70 specialists with an average of 10 years with the company. With more than 150 machine tools in our 70,000-square-foot facility, our staff expertise ensures 100% accuracy and customer satisfaction from prototype to production.

Aero maintains multiple industry certifications to assure the highest level of confidence in the products we produce. We are AS and ISO certified, which means our processes and operations meet the rigorous requirements of the National Quality Assurance Board.

Aero Manufacturing provides the highest quality metal fabrication processes to a broad range of industries including:

  • Aerospace
  • Commercial
  • Defense
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Devices
  • Military
  • Power Generation

We are able to produce custom projects of any size. Our skilled staff ensures – big or small – that our clients are 100% satisfied.

Additionally, we adhere to a wide variety of industry standards:

  • ANSI
  • AS
  • ASME
  • ASTM
  • AWS
  • ISO
  • Mil-Spec
  • RoHS
  • SAE

Regardless of the industry, the experienced engineers at Aero Manufacturing are ready to work with you to provide the highest levels of integrity and quality possible for your EDM fabrication project. We know each job and customer are unique; so, in order to provide the necessary attention to detail you require, our staff quotes each job individually.

With the latest in cutting-edge technology, you can count on Aero Manufacturing for the fastest lead times, the highest level of accuracy, and unparalleled integrity for your custom fabrication needs.

Contact us today for more information about our EDM capabilities, or to learn more about how we can ensure your next fabrication project is built accurately and efficiently. Talk to the professional staff at Aero Manufacturing to start your custom quote today.

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

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AGIE Mondo Ram Type EDM(Large Capacity Tanks)